Some answers to some common questions.

General questions

What is FaxSalad?

FaxSalad is an online faxing portal providing an affordable, secure and reliable online faxing solution. With FaxSalad you can send and receive faxes directly from your web browser or smartphone.

How does FaxSalad work?

FaxSalad uses the wonders of the internet to replace your fax machine, while still being a safe and secure way to send your sensitive data. You can get started sending faxes using just your email address, and if you want to receive faxes you can buy a number, or 'port' your existing number from your current provider.

Faxing is easy from your PC, tablet or smartphone using our online portal, or you can send direct from your email client if you prefer. For more information and instructions, visit how FaxSalad works.

I currently have a fax machine, or use another online portal, can I keep my number?

Yes. FaxSalad can help you port your existing number from your current service. Contact our support team for more information.

Does it work if I'm sending to a normal fax machine?

Yes. Your intended recipient will receive the fax as if it was sent from a fax machine.

Can I send faxes internationally?

Yes you can! FaxSalad does not charge any special international rates. The prices we quote is the same whether you are sending from within the destination country or outside it.

Can I have more than one fax number?

Yes. You can purchase and instantly provision fax numbers from within the fax portal.

Sending faxes

How do I send a fax?

You can send a fax both from the FaxSalad portal and your email. Learn how to send a fax.

Do I need a number to get faxing?

No. You can start sending faxes right away from the fax portal, no numbers are required.

Do I have to login to the FaxSalad portal to send a fax?

No you don’t. You can send directly from your email. Learn how to do this now.

Can I send a fax from my smartphone?

Yes you can. The FaxSalad portal allows you to upload and send documents from your smartphone. Learn how.

How much does it cost?

Sending a fax is charged per page. You are only charged for pages that are successfully sent. View pricing here.

Receiving faxes

How do I know if I received a fax?

You can enable email notifications for your fax numbers from within the FaxSalad portal.

How do I receive faxes?

To receive faxes you will need to purchase or port a fax number and enable it for receipt of inbound faxes.

How do I access a fax?

New faxes will appear in your inbox within the FaxSalad portal. You can also set an email address to receive inbound faxes.

How much does it cost?

Receiving a fax is charged per page. You can view the rates here.

Fax numbers

I already have a fax number, can I bring it to FaxSalad?

Yes you can! We can port fax numbers in the United States, Canada and Australia. Porting within the US is free of charge, a fee applies for other countries. Contact our support team for more information.

If I buy a number from FaxSalad, how long does it take to set up an inbound number?

Numbers are provisioned instantly and you can begin using it right away.

Can I get a number in another city/country?

Yes. You can purchase a fax number in any country we provide.

How much does it cost?

Fax numbers are billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time. View pricing for each country here.

Is there a setup fee?

No, there are no setup fees involved with purchasing a number.

What happens after I cancel my number?

Cancelled numbers are immediately removed from your account however they are held up until their next bill date, at which point they are released. If you cancel a number mid way through a monthly cycle then you can reclaim the number by contacting the FaxSalad support team.

Number porting

How do I port a fax number?

To port a number you are required to complete a port authority form and submit this to our support team.

How long does it take to port a fax number?

Porting can between 1-6 weeks to complete.

How much does it cost?

Porting within the United States is free of charge. For all other countries please contact our support team for a quote.

Can I port my number away from FaxSalad if I want to change providers?

Yes. You can port your number away to another provider at anytime. There are no exit fees or charges.


How does payment work?

FaxSalad runs on a credit top up system. You top up your account with a specified amount and all transactions are drawn from this credit. Top ups require a credit card.

What happens my credit runs out?

You will no longer be able to send and receive faxes. Any numbers you own will be temporarily suspended at their next bill date until the account is recharged.

Can I setup automatic recharge?

Yes, you can configure automatic recharge to ensure your account is always active and avoid interruptions to your service.


How are my faxes stored?

Faxes are encrypted and stored on secure servers.

How long are faxes stored for?

Faxes are available for up to 3 months before they are permanently removed.

Can I automatically delete faxes when sending or receiving?

Yes, you can set outbound and inbound faxes to be removed immediately after a fax is sent or received.