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Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving faxes

How do I know if I received a fax?
You have the option to configure one or more email addresses to receive inbound faxes in PDF formatted. If you do not want to receive the fax document in an email, you can select to receive a single email alert with a link to access the document via the FaxSalad portal. You can manage your inbound fax preferences from the fax number settings page.
How do I receive faxes?
All you need to start receiving faxes is a fax number. Fax numbers can be purchased directly within the FaxSalad portal and setup, ready to use immediately after purchase. Get started by checking out our quick Receiving Faxes guide.
Can I set multiple delivery email addresses?
Yes, you can. When configuring your fax number preferences, you can define multiple email addresses by separating each address with a comma.
How much does it cost?
Receiving a fax is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis or as part of your monthly plan. You only ever pay for each page received, and only if the fax is successfully delivered, there are no additional charges or international fees. Check out the rates for pay-as-you-go fax pricing.
Can I automatically delete faxes when receiving?
Yes, on your number configuration page, there will be a setting titled 'Delete inbound fax media.' When enabled, all inbound faxes will be permanently removed from FaxSalad's servers upon delivery.
Do I need a fax number to receive a fax?
Yes, a fax number is required to receive an inbound fax number. Fax numbers can be purchased directly within the FaxSalad portal and are configured and ready to use immediately after purchase. You also have the option of porting your existing fax number over from your current carrier. Check out this guide to keeping your existing fax number.
What file type are incoming faxes received in?
All faxes are received in PDF format. Any document that is emailed to you or downloaded from the portal will be in PDF format.
Do I need to sign a contract to own a fax number?
No, you do not. All of our fax numbers are billed on a month-to-month basis, and you cancel the number at any point.

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