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Frequently Asked Questions

Number porting

How do I port a fax number?
Get started by following the steps in our number porting guide.
How long does it take to port a fax number?
The entire process generally takes between 1-6 weeks. More complex ports can take upwards of 120 days in some instances. Before submitting your port request, please ensure all details are accurate, and there are no complex services or circumstances with the existing carrier that could delay the port.
How much does it cost?
We currently do not charge any fees for number ports that involve 4 or fewer fax numbers. Once the port has completed, you will be charged on a month-to-month basis or as part of a plan as per FaxSalad's pricing. If you intend to port a large number of fax numbers please reach out to our porting team for a quote.
Can I start using FaxSalad right away?
You can begin using FaxSalad right after you sign up for an account. An active fax number is not required to send a fax. If you want to begin receiving faxes before the number ports completion, you can purchase a temporary fax number from FaxSalad and divert your faxes with your existing carrier.
Can I port my number away from FaxSalad if I want to change providers?
Yes. You can port your number away to another provider at any time. There are no exit fees or charges.

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