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How To Send International Faxes At Local Rates

Fax machine over the globe showing the US and Europe

Sending a fax abroad can be costly, especially when using a traditional fax service such as a fax machine or a fax server. In addition to charges for long transmission times, you'll generally also be hit with international surcharges and various hidden charges.

This is where online fax and FaxSalad come into the picture. We built our service around transparent pricing, and we firmly believe that hidden surcharges are a big NO. Our pricing is set at flat rate tiers, with most major countries falling into the first tier. This means that you pay the same price for sending a fax to Canada, Germany, Australia, and many other destinations, as you would when sending a fax within the United States.

How to send an international fax

These steps are based on sending a fax from within the online portal. For instructions on how to send a fax via email, see our article on sending a fax with Gmail.

Before you start, you’ll need a FaxSalad account. You can register right here to send pages for free.

  1. Log into the FaxSalad online portal and select the 'Send a fax' option from the side menu.

    Selecting send a fax from the FaxSalad portal

  2. Select the destination drop-down and choose the country to which you want to send the fax and then enter the recipient's fax number.

    Selecting send a fax from the FaxSalad portal

    Note: Notice that the input field has auto-prefixed with the destination countries' calling code. You need to leave this as is and enter the local number after it.

  3. Select 'Upload Files' and attach all of the documents you want to send. FaxSalad can support pdf, Microsoft Word, and a handful of image files such as jpg and png.

    Selecting send a fax from the FaxSalad portal

    You can also select to add an optional cover page to your fax. The cover page does not count towards your faxes page count and is free to add. We recommend that you use this for added security to ensure the fax ends up in the right hands.

    Selecting send a fax from the FaxSalad portal

  4. Select send fax. Upon successful delivery of the fax, you will receive an email notification from FaxSlad.

You can view our pay-as-you-go fax rates here or if you are ready to start saving money on international faxes, sign up for a FaxSalad account here and start enjoying the cost benefits of online faxing.
13th August 2020 by Rhys Hall


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