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How To Send & Receive Faxes Without a Fax Machine

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The internet has changed many industries and transformed how we do many of our day to day tasks. Fax is no exception to this, and if you find yourself needing to send a one-off document, or you are already a regular faxer but want to escape the hassle and noise that comes with a physical machine. You will be happy to know the internet has a solution for this too.

That's right; you can send a fax online without a fax machine. You don't even need to own a fax number or a phone line to do so.

There are 3 ways to fax online with FaxSalad.

  1. Email to Fax
    You can send a fax online using your email client, regardless of what you use (Outlook, Gmail, etc.).
    To send a fax by email, compose a new message addressed to For example,
    Then attach the document/s you want to send and hit go!

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  2. From the web portal
    The web portal allows you to log in regardless of your location or device, upload a document, and send it right away. Faxing from the web portal also provides an optional free cover page.

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  3. Fax to Email
    Just like sending faxes, you no longer need a fax machine to receive them. With fax to email, all inbound faxes will be delivered directly to your email address in PDF format. You can transfer your existing fax number or set a new one up instantly from within the FaxSalad portal.

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If you need a modern, secure and reliable online fax service, FaxSalad can get you set up and faxing instantly. Reach out to our team or sign up and trial our service.

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18th July 2019 by Rhys Hall


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