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5 Ways Online Faxing Benefits Your Business

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So it's 2019, and you still find yourself hovering above a bulky fax machine, dialing the number, and feeding the tray. Don't worry, and you are not the only one, the fax still holds an essential role in many businesses' day-to-day operations. However, there is a new way to fax, and it will save you time, money, and effort.

What's the difference between online faxing and regular faxing?
Online faxing is the modern way to fax. Online faxing sends your faxes in a digital format through your internet connection from your computer, email, or mobile device. In contrast, regular faxing requires a physical fax machine, a phone line, and time and attention.

As communication platforms quickly change, business owners need to stay in front if they want to remain competitive. While faxing is not a new technology, the vast benefits of moving to an online system cannot be ignored.

Let's look at how moving to online faxing will benefit your business.

1. No hardware
Office fax machines are big, real big, imagine the space you'll have with it gone! Regular faxing requires a fax machine, and fax machines need maintenance, ink, paper, and someone to operate it.

Ditching the fax machine will save you money and free up both time and space!

2. Reduced costs
The first cost reduction you will notice will be the phone line. Regular faxing requires a traditional on-premise phone line. For infrequent and low volume users, the phone line's cost is often higher than your actual fax spend.

With the phone line and the fax machine out of the picture, the only thing you are paying for now is a fax subscription, and with FaxSalad's pay-as-you-go plan, this monthly subscription could be as low as mere dollars.

3. Security and confidentiality
It has always baffled me as to why regular faxing was considered a secure and confidential way of sending documents. A document received in a large office could potentially be viewed by anyone who had access to the fax machine. Online faxing gives you that added confidentiality by sending received documents directly to your email.

Additionally, many features allow you to control access, encrypt faxes, and automatically delete sent and received documents.

4. Fax anywhere, anytime
Just got home from the office, and a client rings saying they are faxing critical documents to you? Don't run back to the office and get the fax machine ready. Online faxing is always available, regardless if you are at home, on the road or in the office. You can even send a fax straight from your email; it's as simple as attaching a document, entering the receiving number in the address line, and hitting send.

5. Global faxing
With traditional faxing, sending international faxes can quickly become expensive. However, with online faxing, you pay no more to fax overseas than you would to fax locally, connecting you and the world without the added headache of extra charges.

What's the downside?
Well, there isn't one. You're saving your business time and money, your faxes will be secure, and you can send and receive faxes from any device at any time, to a global audience. There is no downside to moving away from your traditional fax setup.

If you are new to online faxing, FaxSalad can help you get online and sending/receiving faxes in minutes. New fax numbers are provisioned instantly, or you can bring your existing number across from your current service. Reach out to our helpful team to get started.

How does FaxSalad save you money?

  • No hidden charges: There are no line fees, setup fees, or other hidden charges, and you will only pay for pages that are successfully delivered.
  • No lock-in contracts: Monthly plans are available and tailored to suit your faxing needs with options for both low volume and high volume faxing.
  • Only pay for what you use: With our pay-as-you-go faxing option, you only pay for what you use, so you are always in control of your spending.
  • Fax globally at no extra cost: Send faxes globally with no international fees. Pricing is set at a flat rate regardless of location.

  • Still unsure if online faxing is right for your business? Sign up for a free account on FaxSalad, claim your free pages and start sending. No payment details are required to sign up.

    18th July 2019 by Rhys Hall


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