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How To Move Your Fax Service Online And Keep Your Fax Number

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One of the biggest challenges I see business owners deal with when they decide to move their fax service online is maintaining their existing phone or fax number. Moving services within telecommunications can be frustrating and result in a potential loss of business, I have experienced it.

Well, I have some great news. You can keep your number! If the risk of losing that vital point of contact is holding you back from taking advantage of all the benefits online fax has to offer your business, you’ll be delighted to know that FaxSalad can help you.

When I started FaxSalad, I had a straightforward objective: to remove the confusion and frustration from faxing. To achieve this, we needed to build a service that not-only simplified your faxing solution but also ensured a hassle-free and straightforward transition online.

Move your fax service online with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Signup for a FaxSalad account here. You do not need to enter any billing details until you are ready to do so.

    Jump in, take a look around, send a free fax to your current service, and decide if you are genuinely ready to move online.

  2. You are on step 2, so I assume you are ready to make a move online. Head to our Number Porting page and download one of the following three forms, depending on your location.

    The United States / Canada Letter of Authorization
    Australia Letter of Authorization
    United Kingdom Letter of Authorization

  3. Complete and return the form to, along with a copy of a recent phone bill. We use the phone bill to verify your ownership of the number with your current provider.

    Once submitted, a member of our team will process the port request and provide you with an update within 24 hours.

One important note; the numbers must currently be active and remain in service throughout the entire porting process. I know how exciting it is to say goodbye to a service costing you a tonne, but if you cancel the service, we cannot transfer the numbers, and you may lose them entirely.

How much does it cost to move my fax service online?

The burning question, how much does moving your service online cost you? Nothing. It’s completely free to move your fax number online. Our main objective is to simplify your faxing solution, and our first step in doing so is by waiving all unnecessary setup fees.

Once the port has completed, your number will be charged monthly under our pay-as-you-go option, or as part of a billing plan. Check out our pricing page to understand the pros and cons of both options.

How long does it take to move my fax service online?

The average number port takes about 1-2 weeks but can take up to 6 weeks, depending on your existing carrier. The FaxSalad team processes port requests within 24 hours of receiving them. Once your current carrier approves the port, we will schedule a time for the port and get everything set up. The actual cutover on the planned date takes no longer than 30 minutes. Ensuring there are minimal disruptions to your business is our number 1 priority.

Still unsure if online fax is the right thing for your business? Reach out to our team to learn more, or if you would like to discuss how we can help your business save time and money with faxing, reach out to me directly in the comments below.

07th August 2020 by Rhys Hall


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