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Frequently Asked Questions

Sending faxes

How do I send a fax?
You can send a fax both from the FaxSalad portal and your email. Learn how to send a fax.
Do I need a number to get faxing?
No. You can start sending faxes right away from the fax portal, no numbers are required.
Do I have to login to the FaxSalad portal to send a fax?
No you don’t. You can send directly from your email. Learn how to do this now.
Can I send a fax from my smartphone?
Yes you can. The FaxSalad portal allows you to upload and send documents from your smartphone.
How much does it cost?
Sending a fax is charged per page. You are only charged for pages that are successfully sent. View pricing here.
Why did my fax fail?
Check the following list before attempting to send your fax again.
  • Double check the format of your document. If it is a PDF then it must be A4, letter or US legal size and in portrait orientation.
  • If the document you tried to send was an image, ensure the image is a supported FaxSalad format. Attempt to decrease the file size as large files can cause slower send times, resulting in receiving fax machines rejecting the fax.
  • If the receiving destination was a physical fax machine, it is possible that the machine is either switched off or congested. Confirm with the receiving party before attempting to resend.
Contact FaxSalad support if your fax continues to fail.

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