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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is FaxSalad?
FaxSalad is an online faxing portal providing an affordable, secure and reliable online faxing solution. With FaxSalad you can send and receive faxes directly from your web browser or smartphone.
How does FaxSalad work?
FaxSalad uses the wonders of the internet to replace your fax machine, while still being a safe and secure way to send your sensitive data. You can get started sending faxes using just your email address, and if you want to receive faxes you can buy a number, or 'port' your existing number from your current provider. Faxing is easy from your PC, tablet or smartphone using our online portal, or you can send direct from your email client if you prefer. For more information and instructions, visit getting started.
I currently have a fax machine, or use another online portal, can I keep my number?
Yes. FaxSalad can help you port your existing number from your current service. Contact our support team for more information.
Does it work if I'm sending to a normal fax machine?
Yes. Your intended recipient will receive the fax as if it was sent from a fax machine.
Can I send faxes internationally?
Yes you can! FaxSalad does not charge any special international rates. The prices we quote is the same whether you are sending from within the destination country or outside it.
Can I have more than one fax number?
Yes. You can purchase and instantly provision fax numbers from within the fax portal.

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