FaxSalad update #1

Posted by Rhys Hall

It has only been a few weeks since we launched FaxSalad, and the feedback we have received so far has been overwhelming! All of your feedback has been taken on board and considered, with many changes already put into place.

You'll find the recent notable changes below. Your feedback and suggestions will continue to drive FaxSalad, so we ask you to keep it coming. Send your feedback via our support section or by emailing myideas@faxsalad.com.

Email2Fax changes

You told us that the previous method of emailing faxes was tedious. You can now email a fax by just sending the attachment to number@send.faxsalad.com, where ‘number’ is the number you wish to send to. This will allow you to save contacts in your email client for quicker sending. For more information on how to send a fax from your email see the how page.

PNG and JPG file support

We have added support for both JPG and PNG images when faxing from the portal. Large images will be scaled to fit an A4 page and multiple images will be combined into a multi page PDF.
Email2Fax still only supports PDF, but bear with us, the team are working on it now!

Inbound faxing for Japan

Japanese fax numbers can now be purchased, allowing inbound and outbound faxing. These numbers are available to users located worldwide. For pricing information, check out our pricing page.

Improving fax delivery

By default, FaxSalad sends faxes in the highest possible quality. This was causing certain machines and services to reject the fax. To prevent this issue, faxes that fail for this reason will reattempt to send at a lower quality to ensure delivery.

Thanks for your patience and please, keep the feedback coming!