FaxSalad is now live!

Posted by Markland O'Connell

We are very excited to announce that FaxSalad is up and running in beta. FaxSalad's purpose is to provide an alternate solution to the outdated and expensive faxing solutions currently found online. Our fax portal was designed to be simple and clean, with easy-to-understand pricing.

Why FaxSalad?

FaxSalad consists of a talented team of software engineers and business types, that have spent years working in the telecommunications industry. Constantly confronted with 'old school' applications, designed to confuse customers, we set out to build a new wave of telco solutions focused on clarity and simplicity.

FaxSalad is about transparent, consumption based pricing, so you always know what value you are getting.

What does beta mean?

FaxSalad has been in testing for some time now and has reached a point where we are confident and happy enough to push it out to the world. Essentially, it means we consider our software to be complete, however we now need to trial it in the real world.

How can you help?

You can help FaxSalad by reporting all bugs and issues directly to our team. We have a great pit crew on hand who will be resolving issues as they come in and as a thank you we are giving out plenty of free fax pages. By helping us out, you have helped to make FaxSalad more reliable, secure and just better in general.

Found a bug? Or something you don't like? Submit your feedback on our Contact Us page or open a support ticket from within the fax portal.

Is the beta secure?

Yes - at Faxsalad we take the security of your data very seriously. Actually, data security, is one of the core reasons that Faxing still exists. The beta version of FaxSalad has all the reliable and secure features you would expect of any online portal. However, feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any concerns.